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Bespoke audio services for music, media and interactive applications

  • Audio editing and dubbing – music backing to your video, voiceover editing, music remixing and editing to length, voice enhancement.

  • Sound restoration – removing noise, buzz and glitches and improving fidelity and clarity of audio from archives, old footage, live recordings, forensic audio sources.

  • Sound Design for dvd / cd-rom / interactive / voiceover / advertising – music and voice in harmony will enhance the impact of your media.

  • Audio mastering for cd production – properly track indexed, clear, loud and punchy audio mastered to the correct peak and RMS levels are required to compete in todays radio and cd environment.

  • Audio cd hidden tracks – add a viral talking point to your latest release with a hidden track

  • CD Extra (blue book) and enhanced cd production.- Increase marketability and desirability of your products with additional multimedia content e.g video clips, animations, photos, interviews, without detracting from the music experience of your album.

  • Multimedia, video, animation and interactive production – flash games, e-learning, web video, kiosks, presentations all benefit from professional audio and sound effects.

  • Audio streaming and website integration – live or prerecorded audio streaming, download systems and online ecommerce integration.

  • Audio fingerprinting and metadata service – track and enable digital downloads with identity for marketing, security, bonus content. Inaudible and unique fingerprint can be traced through multiple generations of audio transposition.

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ID Audio is based in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.